Underground Storage Tanks (USTs)

UST Mission & Program

The ENIPC Inc.-OETA UST mission is to promote and preserve Tribal environments and investments. The OETA UST Program assists Pueblos and Tribes with tank and related concerns to enhance tribal values, cultures, lands and health.
The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCAC) establishes the authority to regulate underground storage tanks (USTs). A UST system is defined as a tank and any underground piping connected to the tank that has at least 10% of its combined volume underground. This definition includes the tank, connected underground piping, any underground equipment, such as valves and pumps and containment systems.

Many Pueblos and tribes operate gas stations which provide opportunities for economic development and services to the community. USTs and piping are buried at gas stations and contain fuel until pumped into your vehicle.

Our goals are to increase public safety and environmental health by assisting tribal UST facilities improve leak detection and prevention, as well as identifying abandoned USTs and facilitating communication among tribal UST stakeholders.

We offer compliance assistance, training, workshops, assist with opening and closing UST facilities and much more.

Why Monitor USTs?

Because USTs are underground, it is easy to forget about them. Just one gallon of gasoline can contaminate up to five million gallons of drinking water!

There are about 200 USTs on tribal lands in New Mexico and millions of USTs nationwide.

Compliance assistance providers help regulate communities and businesses comply with environmental laws through one-to-one counseling, online resource centers, fact sheets, guides and training.

What is Compliance Assistance?

Compliance assistance means helping businesses, federal facilities, local governments and tribes meet their environmental regulatory requirements.

To protect health and water, USTs are regulated by environmental laws. USTs are operating in compliance when documents are maintained showing tanks, lines and equipment are properly installed, registered, insured, protected from corrosion, regularly monitored, and tested.

We offer assistance with record keeping systems, on and off-site training, and informative walk-through visits so your tribal UST facility is prepared for inspections and operating safely.

Compliance assistance is most effective when used in an integrated strategy combining compliance monitoring (inspections), compliance incentives and auditing (self-disclosure policies), and enforcement.
  • Compliance with general requirements
  • Spill and overfill protection
  • Release detection system
  • Corrosion protection system
  • Reporting and record keeping
  • Tank closure system



Presentations & Updates

UST Federal Regs. 2015.pdf
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Isleta UST IRAC 8.14.pptx
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New UST regs 2015.pptx
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26th National Tanks Conference
September 11-13 at the Galt House Hotel in Louisville, KY

Underground Storage Tanks Compliance Assistance Training (UST CATS)

​On-site Training for UST Owners/Operators
ENIPC now has a grant from the EPA for on-site UST Compliance Assistance Training (CATS). The UST CATS Program is inviting Tribes that are interested in hosting an UST Compliance Training for Owners/ Operators. The training provides information on federal UST regulations, operations and maintenance of an UST system, recordkeeping, and financial responsibility.

The one day training consists of classroom instruction and on-site UST facility walk through. Please contact the UST CATS Team if you are interested in hosting a training.

 The UST CATS Program encourages tribal UST personnel to take advantage of the above mentioned training opportunities, as they are scheduled to be training events of the UST CATS Program.

 T: (505)692-8181

 E: rmartin@enipc.org 


Compliance Training for Owners/Operators
ENIPC-OETA UST program offers training opportunities throughout the State at various locations in addition to on-site training at tribal gas stations.
Trainings include:
  • Federal Requirements for USTs
  • Reporting and Recordkeeping
  • Financial Responsibility
  • UST Operations and Maintenance
  • Compliance Issues
  • On-Site Walk through Demostrations
Upcoming UST Compliance Assistance Training. Tuesday, November 14, 2017 in Sells, AZ. 

Upcoming UST Compliance Assistance Training. Wednesday, November 15, 2017 in Sells, AZ. 

​Call Leonard Sabatino 505-692-8772
Whitman LaTorra 505-901-8348
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UST Closure Info

Tank Closure Information.pdf
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Tank Installation

UST Compliance Records Binder

ENIPC Inc.-OETA suggests using the following information to keep track of compliance records. 
2016 Cover and Back for Records.docx
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c training.pptx
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MonthlyWalkthrough Checklist_NEEDRP900.doc
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NEW Employee.doc
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NEWREGPresentationfor Binder.pptx
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Spine forUST Compliance RecordsBinderTAB (1).docx
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