Program Goals

The ultimate goal of this program is to assess the needs, risks and environmental effects of the Tribes and Pueblos, educate those Pueblos and Tribes affected by an identified substance(s), and provide both outreach and technical assistance to support those Pueblos and Tribes in order to protect and restore Tribal lands and environments and promote public health and safety.
  • Assessment-Assessing tribal programs and documenting use and storage of pesticides;educating tribal directors about pesticide program; determine issues for follow-up; provide other sources of information ie. state certification lists, dealer's lists of applicators and purchased products.

  • Education-Provide tribes with pesticide information; develop educational brochures related to the use of chemicals; provide educational training on pesticide use, safety, and training.

  • Outreach-Outreach to environmental directors, applicators, communities and the public and essentially all persons affected by the use of such materials; OETA anticipates circulating brochures to the community, meeting with applicators and providing technical assistance;delivery of other written materials including posters, warnings, and regulatory guidelines and laws.

  • Technical Assistance-Includes providing key contacts and information for those requiring assistance beyond Program capabilities.

Program Objectives

  • Staff Training and Capacity Building
  • Pesticide Use Assessments
  • Education and Outreach
  • Reporting Requirements